Closed Deals

Our recently funded property deals

Montgomery and Corpus Christi, TX

Property: 5 single family homes
Deal Type: Cash out for capital stack
Loan Amount: $7,064,000

Bridgeport, TX

Property: Seven property portfolio
Deal Type: Cash-Out Refinance
Loan Amount: $2,200,000+

Houston, TX

Property: Commercial Office
Deal Type: Cash-out Refinance
Loan Amount: $3,355,000

Dallas, TX

Property: Retail Flex
Deal Type: Cash-out Refi
Loan Amount: $1,000,0000

Conroe, TX

Property: 16-unit Multifamily
Deal Type: Acquisition
Loan Amount: $1,295,000

Austin, TX

Property: Single Family Residential (1-4 unit) Portfolio
Deal Type: Cash-Out Refinance
Loan Amount: $1,365,000

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